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Truckers Are People Too!

Truckers Are People Too!

By all indications the trucking industry is booming again. This boom has been boosted by low fuel prices and an improved economy. My journey into the trucking industry has uncovered so many mysteries and dispelled many common stereotypes. These are observation and information to assist anyone new to the profession. The reliance of the sage advice from seasoned Trucking Professionals and industry leaders has been tremendous. It is pertinent to share with any who may be interested in one individual’s perspective. It is the goal of this writer to set aside stereotypes and share great information.

Some common trucker stereotypes include:

  • Men Only
  • Bad eating habits
  • Drug and alcohol abuse
  • Uneducated
  • Easy work
  • Well paid
  • Purposely inconvenience other drivers

These stereotypes are voluminous and cannot be ubiquitously applied to the entire professional trucking population! Those who have chosen this profession are no different than doctors, attorneys, bakers, dancers and stay at home parents. Each grouping has individuals who exude excellence and/or failure. The misnomer that all truckers are…“[fill in insult or assumption here]” is unjustified and shameful. During my time it appears trucking professionals exists in all spectra. Fortunately, the experiences of this writer have all been positive.

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