CDL Focus-01

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CDL Focus is not a school or educational institution

CDL Pathway

Services Available (for your Las Vegas CDL test)

  • Class A (26,001 lbs) with flatbed vehicles which meet State requirements
  • Shuttle Bus for Passenger Endorsement
  • Pre-trip visual familiarity review (no driving)
  • Hauling usage
  • Use of vehicle for short term, daily rental usage
  • Delivery of vehicle to specific location scheduled drive test

Services Not Provided

  • Overnight or long term usage
  • Over the road (OTR) usage
  • Out of state testing
  • Chauffeur Services

CDL Focus is not a school or educational institution

There are five steps:

  • Valid State Credentials
    Valid State Instructional Permit, Commercial Instructional Permit (CIP) or Valid State Commercial Driver’s License (CDL)
  • Valid Insurance
    Valid Non-Owner Operated Rental or Short-Term Insurance Policy
  • Deposit and Fee
    Deposit and Fee in the form of PayPal, Cashier’s Check, Money Order, Debit/Credit Card or Cash
  • Completed Application/Rental Agreement
    Completed CDL Focus registration via the website or documents at our office
  • Appointment
    Scheduled and approved appointment with CDL Focus, 72 hours in advanced of appointment