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Our primary goal is to assist Las Vegas CDL Trucking Professionals in achieving their goals and dreams as it relates to complying with State requirements.

CDL Focus intends to change the licensing renewal options in the trucking industry one Trucker at a time.  We love Truckers and the difficult work they do.  If you are a Trucking Professional looking to return to the trade by renewing your license, we want to help to add ease to your journey.

There is a huge chasm for drivers wishing to renew their expired license. If you know how to drive a Commercial Motor Vehicle and wish to renew your license. Call CDL Focus.

Current Options:

  • Own a vehicle
  • Borrow a vehicle
  • Utilize a school to retrain and become certified
  • Utilize a fleet service which binds drivers to an extended contract
  • Not pursue the opportunity
  • Call Las Vegas CDL Focus at (702) 518-CDL1

The journey into the trucking industry has manifested compliance, regulation and training roadblocks.  Understanding the need to ensure individuals are properly trained and able to manage a complex industry with competency and safety in mind. It was shocking to see that Trucking Professionals are able to re-enter the trade with a handful of options.

Why Trucking Professionals allow license to lapse:

  • Unable to make the level of income needed to manage their lives.
  • Expensive insurance costs.
  • Complex contracts which are not clear.
  • Personal challenges which take them off the road.
    • Financial constraints
    • Family issues
    • Taking a break due to various issues
      • Health issues or injuries which require them to leave the road.
    • Desire to pursue other opportunities to acquire additional income.

Acknowledging that fleet companies are accepting the diminishing risk of new drivers the pay is scaled to a minimal point which does not allow Trucking Professionals to be financially successful.  Under this standard scenario, it seems, Trucking Professionals are placed in a financially uncomfortable and restrictive position.  Some may say, “You know what you signed up for”.  However, one may counter, “It does not mean you should take advantage of the employees”.  At minimum, drivers should be encouraged to flourish while earning a wage which will allow them to be live comfortably.  If a newer driver has managed to complete a fleet contract successfully, it would behoove them to review the compensation rate offered to the Trucking Professionals.  No one would dispute it is a difficult career with a lot of risk for the Organization and Trucking Professional.

A new trucker-friendly option has materialized in Nevada, which allows drivers who wish to reenter the profession avoiding the more expensive and restrictive options.  CDL Focus provides a service which allows those who have allowed their license to lapse to return without unnecessary courses.  This emerging opportunity will allow experienced Trucking Professionals to return to the industry they respect without starting over.

CDL Focus is a bridge which offers an option for experienced truckers returning to the trade or transferring to a new State. CDL Focus offers short term rental vehicles for drivers with valid Commercial Driver Licenses and Commercial Learner Permits. CDL Focus is not a school or educational institution.

We love Truckers!